Long Day

September 16, 2004 § Leave a comment

This morning I took the train in to school. There was a malfunction during the ride and everyone had to get off and catch another train. While I was waiting I met another girl (a senior) who commutes as well. Now I don't feel so alone!
We were both trying to catch the early Mass this morning, and were about six minutes late. She decided to go and pray and meditate before the next Mass began, but I opted to catch the rest of my intended Mass. Afterward I headed over for Confession and said my rosary. The very best way to begin your day it with prayer. My music teacher in high school had a little plaque in her kitchen that said "A day that is laced with prayer is less likely to come unravelled." That is very true.
Dance class last night was a lot of fun, once I got over the general shock of dancing with boys. I suppose it never occurred to me that I would be dancing and holding hands with them. The first couple rotations I didn't dare even look at the guy I was dancing with, but by the end I was a little more friendly and found out their names. There was no boy/girl pressure at all, which made for a good time.
We were all told by Eric (the instructor) that the difference between West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop/Big Band Swing was that the former was a little sexier, more linear (done in a line rather than a circular motion) and is done to jazz, soul, and the likes. I have to admit the "little sexier" part scared me at first, but then I realized that he was only trying to make the dance sound more fun. It didn't notice anything sexier about it than I do when I dance the Lindy Hop with my cousin Steven in Chicago.
My family was a little late in picking me up, so I walked over to the student center. The Capitol Steps were performing last night (free for the students) so I stopped by to watch for a while. At times they were a bit baudy, but all in all they were a riot. The best song, I think, was one about the French. Insulting, I suppose, if you were French, but hilarious for the U.S. Quite a few of my friends were there as well.
I have history class in about an hour. As is usual on Thursdays, it will be in a discussion format. Our history teacher was supposed to oversee my group's discussion this week, but he had to get a substitute on account that he was going somewhere.
Four hours of Chemistry lab will be next. I would have taken it on Tuesday, since I am registered for that class, but I made the mistake of wearing sandals and was told I couldn't go into the laboratory. It turned out to be for the best as I was absolutely exhausted. Today I will be more fresh-and I brought the right shoes.

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