Wednesday, September 8

September 15, 2004 § Leave a comment

This morning my dad dropped me off at the metro station really early. I got there with just enough time to literally run across campus to my usual mass at 7:30. The French teacher decided to take the last ten minutes of class to light into a guy named Pete on account of his pro-George Bush pins on his backpack. We sat there with our books open in front of us, rather surprised to say the least. In the end she only got angry because he could back himself up so intelligently. Hooray!
It was a long day of classes. I didnt really socialize with anyone except for John Paul, who goes to four out of five of my classes. He's really nice and very smart.
Chemistry comes right before Social Science, and the classes are in buildings nearly on opposite sides of the campus. Unfortunately Dr. Brewer (Chemistry) likes to go over the allotted class time, giving John Paul and I about five minutes to get to Dr. Schneck's class. This has become a kind of running joke between John Paul and I-we call our daily run the "Maloney-Hannan Sprint".

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