September 15, 2004 § Leave a comment

The family went to mass with me this morning. Afterward, I spent some time studying in the library before making my way over to History class. Dr. Rousseau (History) organizes the class into two discussion groups on Thursdays. Three people are chosen beforehand to prepare and lead the discussion. Though it wasn't too bad, I cant really say I learned much about history. Most of the class is meant to teach the students how to back themselves up in an argument. I'm not totally used to the whole discussion group thing, but today I actually brought myself to say something. The Gospel of Mark is my area of expertise, so I helped the discussion leaders prove the intended audience of Mark with internal evidence. When I finished I got a thumbs up and "good job" from John Paul.
I walked back up to the Pryz with John Paul because I was going up to have lunch. In the lobby he asked if I knew how to get to Gallery Place/Chinatown on the Metro. While I was explaining he asked how long it would take. A voice behind me said "Where are you trying to go?" I turned around to tell him, and it was Kevin! He is my cousin, an upperclassman. I said goodbye to John Paul and left with Kevin. He asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him at his dorm, and I of course said yes. At his room I met his four roommates as they came back from class, and we all ate lunch.
I didn't get a whole lot of study time this afternoon, as I spent nearly two hours hanging out with Kevin and his friends. After lunch Kevin walked me to the Shrine. I went in and set myself up to study awhile. I like to study and intersperse my reading with prayer. Everything sticks better that way.

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