September 15, 2004 § Leave a comment

A few things happened today, but I dont have a lot of time so I will be brief:

1. I had my first French quiz today, and it went well. Pete came in with twice as many Bush pins on his backpack. Good for him!
2. Lack of sleep is really starting to get to me: I was falling asleep during Chemistry. John Paul is suffering from the same malady-he didn't have much to say in class.
3. Ah, the Maloney-Hannan Sprint.
4. Social Science was for extra credit today. Dr. Schneck divided everyone into teams of seven and started a sort of competition. He wrote three questions on the board and we had to discuss and formulate answers. On Monday we will find out which team had the best answer, and they get extra points.
5. I spent a couple hours with my friend Elizabeth before my third Chemistry class. She is really nice-I think we are going to be good friends.
6. I went to work, bringing my younger sister for company.

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